Ebira Music: Diyo Ozi Niger – 1993 Album (Download Ebira Traditional Song)

 Listen to Diyo Ozi Niger 1993 Album, this is an evergreen album from the late Ebira Traditional Musician.One the greatest thing about this album is that when he did this release i wasn’t even born then (1993), the second Ebira Paramount ruler (Late Alhaji Sani Omolori) was still alive then. 

This Diyo Ozi Niger Ebira Traditional song is a feature rich Ebira Music, it features good Ebira Language speaking, History, idioms and proverbs. The talk is getting too much right Download this Ebira Song Below.
Note: due to some glitch in our network you might find it hard to download this track please use a very fast network, if possible wait until midnight before you download it.

Download Diyo Ozi Niger 1993 Album

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