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30 Lucrative Skills You Can Learn Online and Make Passive Income.


30 Lucrative Skills You Can Learn Online and Make Passive Income.

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This article (30 Lucrative Skills You Can Learn Online and Make Passive Income.) was written by Ibrahim Medinat Oyiza, a School Teacher and a full time blogger, Medinat Oyiza started her blogging career in 2021, instead of writing about gossips which almost 80% of bloggers are rushing into she decided to do it different, she has done tremendously well, covering topics like personal finance, entrepreneurship, Business development, careers and parenting. Her blog Nano Services has more than enough articles to inspire you to start your own business. Continue reading this amazing article below,

Money is an important and a very vital part of our life that everyone requires, but having and maintaining a steady source of income to meet up one’s need have become extremely difficult. But with the necessary skills, you will be able to achieve this process effectively.

So if you have been looking for the Lucrative Skills to acquire in other to enable you earn without working under anyone or you thought of having a change in career and would like to earn a good pay while working under a boss then you will find this list useful. 

30 Lucrative Skills That Will Earn You in 2022

  1. Digital Marketing 
  2. Blogging 
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Mini Importation Business
  5. Copy-writing/Technical writing 
  6. Freelancing 
  7. V-logging (YouTube) 
  8. Android App Development
  9. Website Development
  10. WordPress Development 
  11. Cryptocurrency
  12. Animations
  13. Video Editing and Production
  14. Forex (foreign exchange trading) 
  15. Product Design (UI/UX designs) 
  16. Graphics Design
  17. Search Engine Optimization
  18. Podcasting
  19. Microsoft Excel 
  20. Photography skills 
  21. Interior Designs
  22. Ethical harking 
  23. Finance and keyboarding 
  24. Human Resource Management
  25. Tailoring 
  26. Public Speaking 
  27. Budgeting or Book keeping 
  28. Investing and Investment Management 
  29. Financial Planning and Advising 
  30. Making of Small Chops

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The above list clearly shows the top skills you really need right now, For more explanation on each skillset visit Ibrahim Medinat Oyiza official blog to read more awesome articles that will guide you step by step on your entrepreneurship journey Click Below Link

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