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Gov. Bello Inaugurates 15-Men Squad Boundary Committee in Kogi State


Gov. Bello Inaugurates 15-Men Squad Boundary Committee in Kogi State

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Kogi state Governor, Yahaya Bello has inaugurated a 15-man Kogi State Boundary Committee chaired by the Deputy Governor, Edward Onoja tasking them to work towards the lasting resolution of all lingering boundary concerns.

Governor Bello inaugurates 15-men squad boundary committee in Kogi State

During the event which took place on Friday at the Banquet Hall of the Government House, the governor noted that setting up such a committee was a responsibility in a bid to maintain peace and security knowing how notorious boundary conflict could be.

He recalled that before his administration, there were boundary conflicts with some neighbouring states, within the states and even amongst communities and clans; however, his administration had been able to maintain peaceful co-existence.

The Governor asserted despite sharing boundaries with over 9 states, his government had come up with its own initiative to maintain peace.

He said that aside from the interstate meeting between Kogi State and the FCT in July, his government deemed it necessary to set up the Kogi State Boundary Committee drawing its legal backing from Section 24 (1) of the National Boundary Commission Act of 2006 which empowered state government in that regards.

The Governor revealed that a Director General would be appointed for the committee which would most preferably be a civil servant in a bid to ensure the smooth daily running of the committee.

In his response, the Deputy Governor and Chairman, of the Kogi State Boundary Committee thanked the Governor for his sterling leadership which has allowed the state to weather trying times even as regards boundary conflicts and crises.

He assured that the committee would utilize their wealth of experience to navigate all existing conflicts amongst boundary states asserting that their first task was the delineation between the state and the Federal Capital Territory which would commence on Monday and span for 21 days.

Source: ONOGWU Muhammed

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