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“my cucumber needs your jellof rice” – Halima’s Family Leaks Chat, Drag Apostle Sule (video)


“my cucumber needs your jellof rice” – Halima’s Family Leaks Chat, Drag Apostle Sule (video)

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Halima Abubakar’s family have called out clergyman Apostle Johnson Suleman as the actress gets bedridden.

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Since her return to Instagram after weeks of absence, the actress dragged the clergyman and her senior colleague, Shan George.

Threatening to disclose more secrets on social media if anyone tried to bully her with unnecessary messages, she also took a swipe a Shan George, whom she claimed was working hand in hand with Apostle Suleiman to cover up blogs and make her a liar.

While responding to a troll who faulted her for having a relationship with a married man and trying to gain sympathy from others, Halima disclosed how she met the highly revered minister of God, claiming she met him as a separated businessman with three kids.

Halima took to her Instagram story to reiterate that she didn’t know he was married when she dated him.

To prove the doubting Thomas wrong, Halima shared more screenshots to back up her claims.

Halima noted how she had been covering him for years; now, he wanted to play with her.

Claiming that the clergyman pursued her for 6 months, she warned him to stop messing with her.

“I really tried covering for you for years. Na me you want to play? You wey use 6 month pursue me. You know I have everything. Don’t play with me. Professional liars”.

In a new update, the actress has been bedridden.

Her family took to her Instagram story to call out the clergyman to stay away from her.

Her family also threatened him should anything happen to the actress.

“Johnson Suleman imodu. If anything happen to our sister, you going down”.

watch the video below:

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