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“I was not officially informed, an unknown person represented me” – HRM Ohinoyi of Ebira land replied to Kogi Govt. Query


“I was not officially informed, an unknown person represented me” – HRM Ohinoyi of Ebira land replied to Kogi Govt. Query

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The Ohinoyi of Ebiraland, HRM. OHINOYI DR. ADO IBRAHIM have finally responded to the Letter of Query inssued to him by Kogi Govt. for been absent during the commissioning of projects in Okene, Kogi State and also for not welcoming Mr. Pesident Muhammadu Buhari during his visit to Okene on the 29th of December, 2022.

In response to the Letter of Query, the Ohinoyi of Ebira land stated;


I am specifically responding to your Letter of Querry with reference MLGCA/CHI/30/VI/XX dated 5th January, 2023, which I received today Friday 6th of January, 2023 as follows:

  1. There was no official letter informing me about the visit of His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR, Commander In-Chief of Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria regarding his visit on the 29th of December, 2022, to commission legacy projects executed by His Execellency Alh. Yahaya Bello, the Executive Governor of Kogi State.
  2. It was only on the night of 28th of December, 2022, you visited me at about 9:30pm and informed me that Mr. President would be coming to Okene the following day to commission some projects, and that I should stay back in my palace while the president will be coming to pay me a courtesy visit upon his arrival.
  3. On the 29th of December, 2022 at about 8:15am, I received an unofficial copy of the visit programme of Mr. President and I noted that Mr. President was meant to commission the Ohinoyi’s Palave at 10:10am. This observation implied that Mr. President was to commission another Palace other than my current Palace that I have been occupying since I was coronated in 1998.
  4. It is worthy to note that as the Paramount Ruler of Ebiraland, I have not been officially informed to the existence of any new Palace. I therefore prepared in compliance to your instruction to receice Mr. President as it is customary in our Traditional Institution and I quickly put together a memorium to present to him to appreciate his 2nd visit to Okene sin 1985, when hee was received by HRH the Late Ohinoyi of Ebira Alh. Sanni Omolori. I made an enlarged photocopy of the photograph of the visit close to the chair which I provided during the visit attached.
  5. I had just concluded preparations to receive Mr. President when I heart an earth moving bomb blast at the rear entrance to my Palace close to the new Mosque across the street at 9:00am. While I was in the Palace ensuring that the casualities of the unfortunate incident were being attended to, I was informed that Mr. President had concluded his programme and departed to Lokoja. I also discovered that the main wall of the entrance to my Palace had been breached and all entrances to the palace had been barricaded to make access to and fro impossible. I hace been kept in the dark from the reception arrangements and necessary entertainment to welcome Mr. President on his 2nd vist to Okene, and from extolling the pleasure of my dear people to receive him.
  6. I am not and have no intention to “exhibit delibrate attitude and actions regarded as bringing Kogi State and Ebiraland in particular to grave disrepute and regarded therefore as quite allegations reffered to in your letter, especially Paragraphs 3 and 4 are very unfortunate and I regard the same unfair to my ripe experience and age coupled to my candid, Royal dignity, accepted here in the world internationally.
  7. It is worth mentioning to enforce gratitude to His Excellency Alh. Yahaya Bello, the Executive Governor of Kogi State, who I have not seen for sometimes now, to have informed Mr. President that I was unavoidably absent due to my ill health at his grand reception, while on the other hand a person unknown to me represented me and read out a welcome speech to Mr. President on my behalf, which was not sanctioned by me.
  8. Finally, inspite of the aforementioned points, it is noteworthy that since the unfornate incident on the 29th of December, 2022, this Letter of Querry is the first communication, written or otherwise from any official of the State to me, without any commiserations or enquiries about the unfortunate bomb blst that led to the innocent Ebira people, massive damages on my Palace and rancour within my domain.
  9. Nevertheless, I will continue to reign over the good people of Ebira land with good conscience and conviction, as I have done throughtout my reign.



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