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Ebira Beat: Okudu – Anuva Beat (Download Ebira Anuva Instrumental Mp3)


Ebira Beat: Okudu – Anuva Beat (Download Ebira Anuva Instrumental Mp3)

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ANUVA Beat (Instrumental) by Okudu.

Anuva is the Ebira People’s Traditional Drum made of local made Pot (UNOKO) of which an animal skin will be used to cover the upper part of the pot, also a very strong rope will be used to cover the pot, the pot will be put on top ARAKA (a piece of cloth been fold for the purpose of carrying a load).

Taboo Guiding ANUVA Drum

The person beating the Anuva needs to adhere to some certain rules even before touching the drum, which if neglected the drum will be broken immediately he starts the beating of the Anuva. 

Download and Listen to The Anuva Instrumental Beat By Okudu Below

Listen to Anuva by Okudu

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