17 Greetings in Ebira Language and Meaning

In Ebiraland, greeting is more than just welcoming someone, it’s the Ebira People’s way of life, a way to express affections between two people, family members and strangers. 
One of the significance factors that makes Ebira People’s greetings unique is that it comes with typical respect, what really aid the respect more, I can say we inherited from Yoruba people.


You can never see a well cultured Ebira boy greeting an elderly person while standing, he must portrait as a sign of respect to the elders, the same thing applicable to Ebira Women, a well cultured Ebira Women must greet their Husband parents or elders while kneeling down.
So in this Article I will be revealing to you some basic Ebira Greetings and their meaning in English Language.

Ebira Greetings and Meaning (Greetings in Ebira Language)

Below you will see some Ebira greetings and their respective meaning in English Language.

Ebira LanguageEnglish Language
NyeneGood Morning
KaneriReply to Good Morning
Nyari OoduGood Afternoon
Nyari OruvaGood Evening
Nyari-Uha Good Day
AduhwoGood Night
Etemeya?How is Everything?
WadahiHow are you?
Azawu yo?How are your people?
TaaruGreetings for King
Otaaru Greetings for King in Ebira Koton
NyehiReply for welcome
KaniGood Day
Greetings in Ebira Language

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