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Ebira History

The History of Ohionwa Clan in Ihima.


The History of Ohionwa Clan in Ihima.

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Ohionwa Clan is one of the Six Aboriginal Clans in Ihima. She is the Largest/Most Populated Clan in Ihima. The Paramount Ruler is Obobanyi of Ohionwa and the throne is established about three Centuries ago, The Coronation ceremony of the first Obobanyi of the Clan was held about the same period as that of the Emani Clan.

History of Ohionwa Clan in Ihima.
History of Ohionwa Clan in Ihima.

Apart from being the Most Populous Clan in Ihima and Okehi LGA, The Ohionwa Clan has one of the largest land areas in ihima. It is an undeniable fact that more than any other Clan in the Whole of Ihima, Ohionwa Clan Has been generously donating for free, part of her vast land, to the Community and Government for Public Services. A few of Such Gestures, Which has over time continued to boost the Socio-Economic Development of Ihima, Include the Following:

  • Ihima Cottage Hospital Sited at Ikuehi.
  • Government Day Secondary School, Ohueta.
  • Ihima Area Development Office, Obeiba.
  • The Better Life Building Programme, inaugurated in 1991 by Col. Danladi, The then Military Administration at Obeiba.Ihima Dispensary at Obeiba.
  • Ihima Area Court Built in Obeiba.
  • Ihima LGA Office at Obeiba.
  • A Large Chunk of the Land on which Ihima Community Secondary School (ICSS) was Built.
  • Ihima Comprehensive Health Centre, Oboroke.
  • Ihima Central Market, Oboroke.
  • Government Technical College, Oboroke.
  • Okehi Community Secondary School, Oboroke.
  • Unity House, Ihima Community Bank, Obeiba.
  • NIPOST and NITEL Offices, Oboroke.
  • Okumehi Cottage Hospital, Oboroke-Ihima.
  • Government Day Secondary School, Ohueta.
  • Agric Office, Ohueta.
  • Cottage Hospital, Ohueta.
  • Government Day Secondary School, Ebako.
  • Large Portion of LGA Central Primary School, Ohueta.
  • Holy Trinity Primary School, Oboroke.
  • L.G.E.A (RCM) Primary School, Oboroke.
  • L.G.E.A Primary School, Iruvusechi, Oboroke.
  • Proposed High Court Site, Oboroke.
  • Ihima Central Motor Park, Ekpaka, Oboroke.
  • LGA Primary School, Otutu Eba, Oboroke.
  • Okehi Shopping Complex, Oboroke.
  • Part Of Ihima Cemetery, Oboroke.

It may interest you to know that of the three component parts of ihima i.e. Ikuehi, Obeiba, and Oboroke, Ohionwa enjoys an eminent presence in all the three. In Ikuehi Ward, The Clan is Dominant in Ichameba and Ichamete sections of the Geo-Political Zone of the four major communities in Obeiba, Ohionwa controls Oride and Osikoyi areas.

Also, of the seven Wards in Ihima, Oboroke the Ancestral home of Ohionwa Clan Boast of three Wards. The Ohionwa Clan is Dominant in Oboroke Uvete Ward 1, Oboroke Uvete Ward 2, and Oboroke Eba Ward Respectively.

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