Video & Music: Jameela Kogi - Eyioyige (Download Egbura Koto Songs)

Egbura Koto Songs – Have you been looking for the best place to download Ebgura Koto Songs? as the Ebira Tao people will call it (Ebira Koto Songs). Jameela Kogi is a popular Egbura Koto musician with a wide range of musical history. People will always love to listen to Ebira Koton Songs (Music) the dance moves, cultural ways of life, mode of singing and speaking kind of different from the Ebira Tao’s of Okene and Ebira Etuno of Edo State.

Jameela Kogi - Eyioyige (Download Egbura Koto Songs)
Jameela Kogi

I personally have been looking for ways to learn the Egbura Language my reasons are kind of wide but i just want to be able to speak more Ebira That is. And i can proudly say that i am understanding through the music.

This song by Jameela Kogi title features some drama and really talked about bad manners of a liar that always talk too much, and has spoiled so many homes because of the way they talk.

Watch, Download and Listen to Egbura Music by Jameela Kogi titled Eyioyige

Download Eyioyige Egbura koto songs by Jameela Kogi mp3

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