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How The U.K Ended Up In A Fuel And Food Shortage


How The U.K Ended Up In A Fuel And Food Shortage

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The haulage industry says the U.K. is short as many as 100,000 truckers, due to a perfect storm of factors including the corona virus pandemic, an aging workforce and an exodus of foreign workers following Britain’s departure from the European Union last year. 

Post-Brexit immigration rules mean EU citizens can no longer live and work visa-free in Britain, as they could when the U.K. was a member of the bloc.
Several countries, including the United States and Germany, also are experiencing a shortage of truck drivers. But the problem has been especially visible in Britain, where it has contributed to empty supermarket shelves and shuttered gas pumps.
The government says panic buying is worsening the petrol supply problem, and urged people not to hoard fuel. On Sunday, it announced it is temporarily suspending competition laws so fuel firms can share information and target areas where supply is running low.
U.K.’s Conservative government announced Saturday that it will issue thousands of emergency visas to foreign truck drivers to help prevent a Christmas without turkey or toys for many British families. 
The government said it would issue 5,000 three month visas for truck drivers starting in October, and another 5,500 for poultry workers which the visas are due to expire on Dec. 24.

7 Best Countries to Work as a Truck Driver.

United States of America

1. Australia

The trucking business in Australia is blooming more than ever. Australian trucker’s average salary can be as much as $70,000 (USD), and increases if goods are transferred from one state to another. If you opt to drive an interstate truck, your salary can rise to $100,000 (USD) annually.

2. Norway

Apart from the trucking profession, Norway offers the best job opportunities to all kinds of professions due to its stable economic system. Truck drivers work five days a week and no more than 7.5 hours a day, and a trucker’s average annual salary is $58,000 (USD). However, if truckers are willing to work additional hours, they can earn up to $90,000 (USD) annually.

3. United States of America

The American economy depends largely on the transportation of goods and services, so truck drivers’ demand increases regularly. The strong trucking industry in the US is expected to grow significantly in the upcoming years, so they need truckers. The average salary of truckers in the United States is around $53,000. The best part about becoming a professional trucker is you can start early and don’t need a college degree to step into the professional world.

4. Canada

One of the world’s most inclusive and diverse countries, Canada is a hot spot for business startups and the trucking industry. When it comes to trucking, truck drivers are paid handsomely. The average annual salary of a truck driver is $56,000 (USD), whereas if you opt to be a local pickup and delivery trucker, you are all set to make nearly $40,000 (USD) in a year. Your salary in Canada also depends on your trucking experience. If you become a long-haul trucker, your annual income can reach $100,000 (USD).

5. Switzerland

Switzerland isn’t only one of the most beautiful countries globally, but it also happens to be one of the highest playing countries for truckers. As a foreigner working in Switzerland, you can earn an average income of $64,000 (USD). However, depending on your experience, work hours, and vehicle type, you can also earn up to $90,000 (USD), but the distance travelled plays a crucial role in determining the income.

6. Sweden

The average annual salary of a trucker in Sweden can be up to $33,000 (USD), and Sweden hosts two of the biggest truck manufacturing companies on the globe. Because the trucking scene is quite high, truckers are surely the country’s asset.

7. Netherlands

Netherlands is one of the richest countries globally and is number 17 in the list of the world’s biggest economies. If you are a truck driver, you will find many work opportunities in this country, and can expect an average annual salary to be slightly above $40,000 (USD).

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