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I’m not Your Regular Onoku, Mine is an inbuilt – Sharon Sonia


I’m not Your Regular Onoku, Mine is an inbuilt – Sharon Sonia

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Sharon Sonia – Onoku

Shon Sonia is the most influential Ebira Female musical artist for decades now, even after declaring that she is not singing again, she still holds the crown as the best in the game for years.

Sharon Sonia has been helping a lot of people with her spirituality for sometimes now, also she has been able to change the narratives around the onoku’s in Ebiraland and personally I think it’s a commendable effort.

What is Onoku in Ebiraland?

Onokus are women born under very special circumstances. Whenever an Onoku is born, whether at home or at the maternity, a multitude of small hymenopterous insects such as soldier ants (ijija) or snakes appear mysteriously around the mother and the child to welcome her arrival They are predestined and super-human. Onoku gives spiritual support to masquerades by prescribing some sacrifices and rites to be observed to avert imminent danger. For more information on Onoku please see Picton (1997, pp. 362–364).

The Onokus are Ebira Women cult that according to history it’s hereditary, women can’t be initiated ordinarily they must have the mark by birth Onoku’s are powerful Ebira Women that only them can see some certain Ebira Masquerades (No Woman in Ebiraland is allowed to see some masquerades most especially the Eku Irahu (night Masquerades) but the Onokus can see them with precautions.).

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