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Breaking News: Yunique Ozi Ori Has Been Arrested


Breaking News: Yunique Ozi Ori Has Been Arrested

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It has been confirmed that Yunique Ozi Ori Has been arrested by some authorities (Vigilante Group of Nigeria) in Villa U Hotel in Okene Nigeria.

A source very close to the Opoyi Poyi crooner confirmed this to Ebira Online Media, also it was noted that he was beaten before they took him away.

Remember that Yunique Ozi Ori made some comments regarding the trending Dreadlocks Barbing going on in Okene by Zubair Amoka. Though the main reasons for his arrest has not been made known to the public, but rumour has it that it has link to the controversial statement the rapper made about the Zubair Amoka saga, just in case you miss it, watch it below.

More details coming soon….

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  1. On a serious note that man as no right to do such what a rush u don’t decided for people how they shld look that really bad

  2. Amoka or whatsoever he’s called has no brain. Their highest levy of illiteracy led Ebira to where she’s today. He should try look back on his life and amend or adjust it. This isn’t gonna favour or earn him any good.

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