Who Really Arrested Yunique Ozi Ori? – See Details

Remember we updated the general public that the Ebira Musical act (Yunique Ozi Ori) was arrested around 9 – 10 PM yesterday night.

Rumor has it that, this arrest was made by Vigilante Group of Nigeria (VGN), and was later handed over to the Nigerian Police, after he was beaten up.

Many believe Amoka Zubair is responsible for his arrest, but a source very close to Yunique Ozi Ori told Ebira Online Media that Zubair Amoka is not responsible and he has nothing to do with it. Parhaps they want to clean Amoka’s name before they release him.

It was also gathered that, lots of people have been reaching out to Zubair Amoka on this, which he has been declining the claim, he was just a victim of circumstance.

We are currently working on getting to the root of the matter and will update you guys on why he was really arrested and what his offence is.

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