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Hon. Mario Calabash Leads Delegation of Ebira Musical Artists To Zubair Amoka For The Release of Yunique


Hon. Mario Calabash Leads Delegation of Ebira Musical Artists To Zubair Amoka For The Release of Yunique

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At late hours of yesterday, the SSA on Entertainment Kogi Central to His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello, Hon Calabash led the executive members of Ebira Musical Artists to the SA on security over the arrest of their member who make a viral video of inciting words, which the Government has seen as culpable act capable of shredding our relative peace in Kogi Central into pieces

During the meeting, Hon Calabash condemns the unhealthy statements the artist used on the live video againsting the SA on security and the Kogi State Governor and he clearly stated that an apology will be tendered and all inciting words will be retracted by the artist if he is released.

The Hon who on behalf of the entire Ebira Musical and Movie Artists, plead with Hon Amoka to temper justice with mercy and release Mr Yunique and applauds the SSA on security for his efforts to eradicates drugs abuse and narcotics from Okene LG.

While responding, the Hon SA on security appreciate the efforts of Hon Calabash and the Musical Artists for squeezing time out of their busy schedule to pay him a visit & also plead for the release of their colleague.

The Security Conscious Hon, while explaining how the arrest took place at De villa hotel where he lodge, said he made a pronouncement via radio outlet that the use of knockout is prohibited during this period for security purpose but unfortunately while in my hotel room evening hours of the day, I heard a sounds of knockout around Da Villa Hotel, I instructed my security men to look for the people that violate the order, suddenly, Mr Yunique appeared at the scene and begins to rap in his usual ways with his cross bag hang on his shoulder. The Vigilantes group that are in charge of arresting anyone who violates the existing order arrested him & handed over to the DSS after discover Indian hemp, hards drugs in the cross bag and Epachi/ Epaka are found in his waist and shoulders.

Hon Amoka didn’t completely distance him self from the arrest Saga thus he has assured the team of artist of his willingness to ease the case even though the case appears to be above him.

The peoples Hon admonish the Musical group to have constitution that will govern music industry so as to give the industry a facelift & uphold her good image.

In a company of Hon Calabash are Don Flash, Xo Face, Twin Stars, MK Maleek, Hajj Ciroma, Adeiza Yunique Manager and some others.

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