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Ebira Romance

Complete Courtship Guide For Ebira Women


Complete Courtship Guide For Ebira Women

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This is a complete guide to Courtship for all Ebira Women Out there (Single Women). Almost every single lady wants to settle down one day and have a family. But before that their are some things you need to know before you finally get married, and that leads us to the topic for today what every woman should know about courtship.

I wrote this article in 2016, as a matter of fact the composition was so bad that, I have to rewrite it and make it fit in this age’s way of seeing things (perspectives), so I will be making reference to Ebira Women, but this guide will work for any lady out there that wants to start courting.

The Difference Between Courtship and Dating

There is a huge difference between courtship and dating, so don’t get confused and they are as follows;

  • Dating is arrangement to meet as part of a sexual or romantic relationship.
  • Courtship is when a man and woman get to know each other before marriage
  • Dating hardly leads to marriage
  • Courtship can lead to marriage
  • Dating involve sexual intercourse
  • Courtship hardly ever involves sexual intercourse ever
  • Islamic or Christianity laws don’t approve dating
  • Courtship is between two people who are ready for marriage.

Before courtship begins the man must have proposed, and you as the lady accepted and your parents and family members know about it and then you both become officially engaged. So don’t say you are in courtship without any marriage proposal.

What you should be doing before courtship;

  • KNOW GOD: You can’t think about settling down without having GOD in mind because God is the one who will bring the right man to you.
  • SERVE GOD: Your service in the house of God is like storing money in the bank for rainy days as you wait for your man to locate you keep busy in the house of God because it pays.
  • GET TO KNOW YOU: It is quite funny when you see a lot of young ladies who are preparing themselves for marriage, without getting to know themselves, as a young lady you can’t think of settling down, if you don’t know yourself, and what you’re capable of, so before starting the courtship make sure you know your weaknesses and your strengths, this will help you in the long run.
  • PREPARE YOURSELF: As you wait for your partner, keep busy and prepare yourself for marriage it is never too early to start attending relationship seminars. be mindful of the kind of seminars you attend too, Relationship seminars from toxic Feminist will only destroy your home.

Don’t think about marriage all the time, do something for yourself, why don’t you start to achieve those goals as you wait for your partner. don’t just wait, do something.

Please note that you can’t be locked up in your room and wear horrible clothes and expect to get a marriage proposal, go out: to places you know you will meet responsible men.

What to do, when he propose

Ask him to give you time to pray and seek God’s face, make sure you introduce him to your parents.

Don’t just say yes to the first guy who seeks your hand in marriage because the right one may be the last one so be careful. when many men are asking for your hand in marriage all at the same time, you need to pray so as to make the right decision don’t for any reason whatsoever feel reluctant and decide to choose who you want to marry by yourself let God do that for you, let your parents help you in your decision REMEMBER THAT MARRIAGE IS A LIFE TIME THING.

NOTE: that courtship should last 6 months or 2 years no more no less.

What to do during courtship?

  • Talk about your future together
  • Make God the centre of your relationship
  • Be open to your partner it is better he knows now than later
  • Discuss your God-given ministry together
  • Concentrate on your partner don’t turn into a female player
  • Associate with married people so you can learn
  • Be educated and get something doing (be independent)
  • Always pray to God about your future with him
  • Don’t hide your behaviour show him everything so that he doesn’t get surprised, honesty is the best policy if he doesn’t find out now he will find out later.

What you shouldn’t do, during Courtship?

  • Don’t have Sex, try as much as possible to avoid it.
  • Don’t be in the dark about his past present and future it will save you a lot of stress in the long run
  • Don’t stay in a courtship with more than one person
  • Don’t force your will on him
  • Don’t nag him
  • Don’t try to change him if you don’t like what you see break up and move on
  • Don’t enter into courtship with someone you are way older than. though in some cases, you can make an exception.
  • Don’t ever enter into courtship with an unbeliever
  • Don’t stay with a violent man love or no love.
  • Don’t be a violent type, during or courtship or after marriage.


I hope the above has helped you, I will love to know you thoughts, drop your comments below and share with friends.

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