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Top 6 Places You Will Likely Find Wife Material in Ebiraland


Top 6 Places You Will Likely Find Wife Material in Ebiraland

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Wife Material in Ebiraland
Wife Material in Ebiraland

And so many Ebira Men are online looking for wife materials on Facebook and twitter, though it doesn’t matter where you meet the partner of your dream, but at the same time it matters these days so many spoiled eggs has tarnished the image of good ones. I will never advice any man to choose a wife off social networks, most especially on Facebook Groups.

So let’s get down to the list of Top Places You Will Likely Find Wife Material in Ebiraland.

1. Food Stuffs Shop or Market: You will likely see ladies who are well groomed in kitchen affairs, in the food market, especially in the section where great experience is needed, in deciphering good food items from bad ones and of-course a lady who understands how to stock the kitchen will have a good idea of how to make good meals, and the way to a man’s heart still remains through his stomach. #Believe

2. Islamiyah or Bible Studies: The truth is that any lady can go to church on Sundays or to Jumaat service on Fridays, but it takes a lady who is really close to GOD or have the love for GOD to go to Islamiyah every evening or to Bible Studies, gathering during the week when she can as well be at home watching Zee World or Telemundo and a lady who loves GOD will surely love her family.

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3. Bore Holes and Water Points: You will agree with me that ladies that took it upon their selves, to fetch water for the family needs, is a typical Ebira Wife Material.

4. Her Mother or Family Shop: A lady that can be patient enough to wait in her Mums shop to sell and to grow the business will definitely know how to manage a husband and give advice when it comes to funds management in the family.

5. Her Own Working Place: Definitely ladies who have groomed themselves to be financially independent and busy doing one thing or the other rather than jumping from one place to another with different guys are likely suitable as wife materials.

6. Clothe Weaving Boot (Iruvo Oguntoro): Believe this brothers if a lady can help the mother patiently to weave clothe? Such woman can and will most likely be patient with her hubby through trying times lol!

Conclusively: Again I will say; it doesn’t matter where you meet the lady of your dream what matters is the lady behaviour and most of the times seeking your mother’s or family member help to find the best woman for you in your neighbourhood, if you are finding it difficult to make out with women will be the best thing for you not to make mistake because marriage is not an easy thing..

Did you want to add to the list or just drop your own opinion please share below in the comment section and please share. Thanks. 

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