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Importance of Irehu Iruvo in Ebira Home (Marriage)? – by Onize


Importance of Irehu Iruvo in Ebira Home (Marriage)? – by Onize

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Irehu Iruvo

Irehu Iruvo literally meaning stool and bum bum. It is a woodwork used for sitting in Ebira homes which signifies its importance, Irehu Iruvo is made from wood and carved by wood sculptors. The stool signifies authority.

Irehu Iruvo is used for sitting at home, sometimes for the purpose for doing domestic chores and many other purposes.

The Irehu Iruvo is an artefact, It has different functions and has been used in many occasions especially marriages. In marriages in Ebira land It is part of the obligatory rite.
Marriage in Ebiraland is seen as a sacred act with lots of rites and obligations, one of which is the taking of stool by the bride to her matrimonial home.

The stool is brought as a gift by the bride’s mother as a gift to the bride, she is meant to sit on the stool facing her husband during the traditional marriage after then it is obligatory for her to take the stool to her matrimonial home.

Why is Irehu Iruvo so important

It is important because the stool signifies that the bride has a sitting position in husband ‘s house , she is the overseer of her new home, that is she has come to stay and she is not going back to her father ‘s house. The Irehu Iruvo in Ebira Marriage language means Ma va yatu, which means I have come to stay. It is important because it means stability and long lasting of the marriage.

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This is an ancient practice that cannot be abandon even after many revolution, It is still widely practice till today and doesn’t look like, it will disappear soon.

Written by: Hamid Latifat Onize

History and International studies

Federal University Lokoja

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