A 21 Years Old boy, who is a weed smoker has confessed to the sin of beating his father to the point of breaking his head, in Ikuehi.

In an interview with Omuya Asuku at Ikuehi area of Ihima (Okehi Local Government Area of Ebiraland), by the Ihima peace and security committee.

He was asked series of questions which he confessed to, he was asked if he used to beat his father, he said yes, as a matter of fact it is not his first time he is doing such thing.

The Ihima security and peace committee investigator also asked him the reason he carried out such bad attitude, he was unable to give tangible answer to.

Asuku was later asked about drugs and smoking, which he is not innocent of.

Watch the video below.

Could it be that, Omuya Asuku is acting under the influence of the substance he took?

We are not here to judge though, but Asuku and the person selling any sort of harmful substance to him needs to be brought to book .

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