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Face Your Tailoring Career and Stop Hating, Fans Dragged Dreez in The Mud For Calling Out Yunique – See Reactions.


Face Your Tailoring Career and Stop Hating, Fans Dragged Dreez in The Mud For Calling Out Yunique – See Reactions.

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We reported that one of the front men in Ebira Music industry (King Dreez) has called out his colleague (Yunique Ozi Ori) to stop chasing clout and grow up, he also stressed further to not compare Abuja to Okene.
Well! fans didn’t find that funny at all, as fans called Dreez out over his public post about Yunique, many said Dreez should check himself out before calling anyone out in public, many said that, Yunique Ozi Ori is by far bigger than Dreez, everything he has been saying or doing against the artist is purely out of hatred for him, but his hatred for the artist can’t stop him from shining.

Below are few things people have to say about the post made by Dreez.

Clout what? In as much as I do not know King Dreez’s main intention for trying to drag Yunique OziOri over an event that’s neither his or his former paymaster, one thing I’m sure of is that the real clout chaser here is him.
Is he not even ashamed? The same people you dropped different tracks just to pull their government down, you’re now here dragging a person that has been with them. Yes, Yunique has been with the APC, or are the organizers of the event not APC guys?
How many times did Perruzi repost the cover of the “Holiday” track he was featured in with millions of naira?
As in, Dreez, who made you a media aide or even a dragging machine to those guys? You even proceeded to say Yunique isn’t bigger than any of you there, wow.
For the records, aside money, non of you equals Yunique’s capacity including the organizers of the show. As in, all of you combined, una no reach.
Yunique isn’t in anyway your mate when talking about credibility. If you were valuable, why were you only jumping up and down following Patoranking as if you were his bouncer on stage the last time he was in Okene? Na Patoranking dey sing song, na you dey jump.
Does your madam even know you went to prostrate and apologize to the same set of people she has been using you against?
King Dreez how far about the “one phone call”, that should be a topic for later, ahbi?
Even though Yunique has his own flows too, non you guys equals Yunique’s capacity ad capability, if you think I’m lying, type “Yunique…” on Google and see what Google SOE brings out. Na money Yunique OziOri no get, he pass all of una!

Isah Ai

Between you and Yunique, who is really chasing clout Oga…
You think by doing this, you can gain more audience ba🙄… I pity you, better grow up
It’s not by living in Abuja, it’s by what have u gain in that Abuja 🙄
I wonder what you could have say if you’d move out of this country
Burry the shame and pull down this post oga

Sa’ad Majid

you carry person matter for head
i have see the reason why yunno get front hair🏃🏃🏃

Socco Wire Wire

I find it difficult to believe this is coming from you, meanwhile,
Who is really chasing clout?
If he refused to post an advert that would have promote him how is that a problem?
Let Love Lead
And if eventually there is a misunderstanding, you guys should find a better way In resolving it instead of Downgrading our Small London (Okene) just to insult Yunique.

Prince A O Aliyu

This is what happen when someone is uniquely famous. You posted and mention his name to disgrace him online but yet his follower grows geometrically. 161 likes, 282 comments and 4 shares within 40min just because you mentioned his name.
When you listen to good music, you know. Yunique is the most consistent rapper Kogi Central has ever produced. No one can dispute that. Enough of this inconsequential talks.

D’cent Anoze

U, if yhu er that talented and well-mannered, why Davido pursue yhu komot???🙄😹😹💔

Empérør Mash

Instead of make this guy go sew customer clothes wey him collect he dey here irenu jobo say make person post him rubbish after Una collect his wife Yunique OziOri na nigga wey get doings mikaye everybody jekalo jekalo 🚶

Sars Man

You go fear comments if I should continue posting.

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