Leadership is a process, activity based and requires taking responsibility to advance the course of humanity. It is not a title but a thing of the mindset. It isn’t about wealth.
Men have been tested in this field and we discovered that there is room for improvement in many areas.
God who created men and women didn’t make mistake; the mere creation of alternative to men gives room for substitution, choice and alternative replacement of actors when one is fatigued.

The indices of governance so far has clearly shown that men are fatigued. Let’s try the available option that God has endowed us with; that is our women. Let’s give them a chance to complement the effort of our men in political participation. It is only fair that we reason logically and not being selfish. After all men were created through women who suffered some pain to deliver men. Women have paid their dues naturally. They are best equipped to speak about the pain because they wear the shoes.

This is the time for our women to show us their capacities and competences in public glare. To the women, enough of your lamentations and being used as raw materials to push men into responsible position of authority. Use your votes wisely by supporting one of your own.
Look at her credibility, capacity, background, competences, experience and courage and pedigrees.

Appeal to your husbands, brothers sons, neighbours and friends who are delegates to give her support by voting her at the APC primary election coming up very soon. Choose to support a woman of virtues and humility. Vote Ramatu Tasalla Shehu come that day and you will be proud and satisfied to enable her add value to humanity and service to the good people of Kogi Central. Resist temptation and intimidation. Vote wisely.


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Yakubu Binuyaminu
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