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Education Is Not For The Poor – Peter Obi On School Fees Hike in 2006 and 2012


Education Is Not For The Poor – Peter Obi On School Fees Hike in 2006 and 2012

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In 2006, Obi made a declarative statement that education is not for the poor. He forced Anambra secondary school students to pay three terms (first, second and third term) school fees at once. Many of the pupils from less-privileged homes dropped out of school. You may need to verify how this policy of his impacted negatively on school enrolment the following session.

Peter Obi in 2012

The excitement of fresh students that were given admission was abruptly interrupted by the unprecedented upsurge in ANSU fresh students’ school fees. Many of the students were thrown into pandemonium at the manner of impromptu increment in school fees of the institution.

It should be recalled that earlier this year, ANSU students on Uli campus of the institution staged a riot to protest uncomfortably one hundred and nineteen thousand naira(N119000) for non-professional course students and one hundred and twenty nine thousand naira (N129000) for professional course students, many academic staff offices including that of the vice chancellor of the university were burnt and crucial documents were lost.

It should be noted that attempts by the school security agents known as anti-cult to curtail the angry protesting students were impeded by enormous stone-missile rained upon them by the rioting students which caused them to take to their hills. It took the combined effort of the state anti-robbery squad with their armoured personal carrier and other government security agencies to bring the situation under control. Gunshots were persistently fired in the air, rubber bullets were also targeted at students and tear gas was also used to dislodge the students.

In the evening, the school environment was left solitary with charred remains of the burnt anti-cult vehicle and burnt roofs littered the school premises. Before the one hundred and nineteen thousand naira and one hundred and twenty nine thousand naira(#119000 and #129000) school fees increment, Gov peter obi was quoted saying “Education in Anambra state is not meant for the poor”.

It’s disheartening to announce to fresh and existing students of the institution the current increment in school fees to two hundred and thirty thousand naira(#230000) by the school management.

It is overwhelming the hardship caused by this increment and the students wish to ask Gov Peter Obi and the school management this question; Do you realize that over 65% of parents in Anambra state are peasant farmers who hardly feed their family, how would they realize the huge sum to pay their children school fees?

How many industries have your administration set up since you assume office, to provide employment for unemployed Anambrarians?

How much are you paying the state civil servants?

It’s only when you critically analyze these questions that you will know the agony you have thrown upon the people of Anambra especially the students of Anambra state university.

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