Taboo in Ebiraland – A reader on Ebira Online Media has called me, she told me about her encounters, that has to do with her marital life. This woman has been married 2 times and she’s currently unmarried. What does this have to do with Taboos in Ebiraland? Well sit tight while I tell you what really happened.

Taboo in Ebiraland - Why A Strapped Baby Must Never Fall off Its Mother's Back

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In Ebiraland, every clan has its own taboos apart from the general ones, for ExampleAniyewe’s do not eat Alligator“, what about other clans? The sad thing is that our generation don’t know all this things and we don’t care to know.

You think because you were not born in Ebiraland, you crossed so many Seas all this taboos in Ebiraland don’t apply to you? I hate to give you a bad news but “It Runs In The Blood”.

What Will Happen If A Strapped Child Fall From The Mothers Back?

If a strapped child fall from the mothers back!!! The child will have issues with opposite sex. And it’s a grave taboo in Ebiraland

Whenever They Have Sex, Their Partners Die. (Husband or Wife)

This was the problem one of our readers has been going through, when she called and tell me about what was happening, I knew immediately what was going on. But i have to refer her to a spiritual person in Okene.

The Grandmother was still alive, it was the grandmother that now narrated everything to us, “This Lady Actually Fell From Her Mother’s Back”.

The mother ignored it despite the fact that she knows the consequences of what happened, all in the name of i am a religious person. Thinking that all the Taboos in the land no longer applied to her. Her ignorance has caused three people’s lives.

What is the Solution?

The only remedy to this is to appeal to God through prayer, you can break this with prayer or go through someone that has more spirituality than you do.

Conclusion on Taboo in Ebiraland:

I know we are deeply religious people in this country and everything we do stems from our beliefs. Taboos represent the main source of guiding principles that regulate and direct the behavior of individuals in the community, because they are deeply rooted with our relationship with our ancestors(Ohiku) and deities (Ozu). The motivation for upholding this taboos are reinforced by sanctions from ancestors (Ohiku) and gods (Ori).

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Whether you know it or not these taboos exist in our community. People who breach them face the consequences by bringing calamity upon their selves and the whole community in some cases.

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