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My Bitter Experience At A Strip Club in Abuja


My Bitter Experience At A Strip Club in Abuja

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So i used to have argument with my friends about no girl in the world can make me feal honey if I’m not in love with her, i have built myself to be like that. Just to abstain, you know what i mean?

On one sunday evening my friends decided to go clubbing, i am not the club type i have got Articles to write but they forced me out, i decided to go with them.

It was never part of my itinerary even though I am open to spontaneous outings and a strip club was the last place I expected to find myself but there I was, with a group of Inoziomi and Ozi Waya naughty boys who wouldn’t even communicate in English. They even had an Ebira name for Google.

I didn’t like that the club was far away from where we live. At some point I was afraid of where we were going and it bothered me that people would go that far just to see naked girls.
Twenty minutes past 1am, we were walking into this club at Katengwe Extension. The entire place was crowded, there wasn’t even a place to sit comfortably. A naked stripper had to get up from where she sat for me. I sat at the edge just incase ‘something’ had poured on the leather couch. 

The guys said they want me to have the complete Abuja experience. They wouldn’t return me to my room until I get a lap dance. I told them I don’t want anyone on my laps. I haven’t eaten since morning and I didn’t have the strength to carry anyone. 

They said they will find a stripper of my size. Soon enough, a small stripper came towards me, she looked alot like a friend of mine, She said, “We are the same spec. Don’t worry, I won’t stress you. She even asked if i will like to Kapatachi? I just hiss mcheeeew.”

Then she took off her bra, pant and started twerking on my face. I was scrolling through my WhatsApp messages on my phone while she worked. What’s my business? When she is tired she’d leave, I thought.

She paused and whispered, “Please drop your phone na. Abeg abeg. Onura, i bet she didn’t know i am an Ebira Boy she was told I’m a Yoruba guy and new in town” I sat on my phone. She grabbed my hands and place them on her boobs then resumed the twerking on my laps this time. This time I started thinking of random things to pass time – the Kogi State Workers Salary, How will i get Garri here.

Eventually she let me be. I heaved a sigh of relief but one of the guys said I gave the girl a hard time and it doesn’t count. I’d have to get another lap dance. Before I could protest, this 75kg girl sat on my laps. 

“DON’T YOU HAVE CONSCIENCE? ADAMOOO” I screamed. “I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU PEOPLE I HAVEN’T EATEN NA EMIKENE WAREYI!” She said they have already paid her and she will make it quick if I cooperate.

I asked what she needed me to do and she said I should spank her while she twerked. I started beating this girl. I beat this girl like I was her father and I was disappointed this is what she has chosen to do with her life. She said, “Not like that na!” Then she got up angrily. She atarted ahouting, wegu, idiot, wetin she no call me.

One of my friends said I am embarrassing them. I told him I am missing my bed and I feel terrible spending a monday morning here. What if the trumpet sounds?

He said I should get one last lap dance. I said NO, or I will pinch the ‘toto’ of any girl that attempts to give me a lapdance. That was when they agreed to return me to my hotel. I kept begging God for forgiveness during the ride home. As soon as I got to my room, I took off all my clothing and soak it in the wash basin. No more strip clubs abeg. 

So i took a Janabah Bath, and i prayed 2 rakat of solat to ask for forgiveness.
What really pained me is that 80% of girls at the strip club are Anebiras this got me woried and really disheartening. My heart aches and feel sorry for those strippers parents.

Have you ever been to a strip club before? drop your comments below……

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