Top 5 Richest Men In Ebiraland

Richest Men In Ebiraland – So the questions has always been, Who is the Richest Man in Ebiraland?, Who is the Richest Man in Okene?, Who is the Richest Man in Kogi Central?. So in this article i will show you the Richest Man in Ebiraland. Sit tight as i unveiled the Richest Men in Ebiraland starting from number 5 down to Number 1.

Please Note my facts is not going to be based on Politics, I don’t care how much anyone has made through politics, Politics money is a public funds some people diverted in there various pocket, so those Politicians cant make this list. I am not sorry for that.

Who are the top 5 Richest Men in Ebiraland?

Richest Men In Ebiraland Net Worth
Prince Malik Ado $300,000,000
Prince Ataba Sani Omolori $30,000,000
Yahaya Adoza Bello $50,000,000
HRM Ado Ibrahim $50,000,000
Aliyu Abubakar (AA Oil Limited) $700,000,000

5. Prince Malik Ado ($10,000,000)

Prince Malik Ado Ibrahim is the son of the Ohinoyi of Ebiraland in Kogi Central, Kogi State, HRH Dr Ado Ibrahim. … Prince Malik Ado-Ibrahim is the CEO and Chairman of Nigus Enfinity, a company in collaboration with BYD of China . He is famous for his role in the F1 design.

Prince Malik Ado Ibrahim is the 5th richest man in Ebiraland he is worth $10,000,000

4. Prince Ataba Sani Omolori ($30,000,000)

ALHAJI Muhammad Ataba Sani Omolori career began in 1985 with Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited as a legal officer, in 1990 he joined the services of the proscribed National Electric Power Authority still as a legal officer, and having served there for exactly one year, he moved to the then nascent National Assembly in 1992. His legislative experience started in the build up of his career at the Royal Institute of Public Administration, London where he took a course in Legislative Drafting in 1992. 

He was once the clerk of of the Nigeria National Assembly..

Prince Ataba Sani Omolori is the 4th richest Man in Ebiraland and his estimated worth is $30,000,000

3. Yahaya Adoza Bello ($50,000,000)

Governor Yahaya Bello is the 3rd Richest man in Ebiraland and he was into Transportation Business (Fairplus) before coming into politics in 2015 Yahaya Bello is estimated to be worth $50,000,000

2. HRM Ado Ibrahim

His Royal Marjesty Ado Ibrahim is estimated to be worth $140,000,000

1. Aliyu Abubakar (AA Oil Limited)

Aliyu Abubakar is the Chairman and the CEO of AA Oil, an Ebira Man from Okene and he has the most Expensive House in Abuja, The land alone is worth 1Billion and the whole building is said to be worth 20Billion Naira, he also has an estate in Wuse II Abuja where each triplexes is been sold at the sum of 1.3Billion naira.

Alhaji Aliyu Abubakar who is the Richest Man in Ebiraland (Okene) is estimated to be worth $500,000,000

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