‘The work done is zero’ Governor Yahaya Bello blast commissioner of works, Abubakar Ohere for allegedly putting Kogi state government project bellow standards.

The Governor who was at the project site with his entourage for inspection portrayed dissatisfaction with his words and body language as he continued to lambast the commissioner of works and the Chinese contractors. 

He said ‘I am a man of quality, the work done is zero, you may do this kind of job elsewhere but not in Kogi state’

What is GYB’s standard?

GYB’s standard is making sure all hands are on deck to complete all project at hand.

GYB’s standard is to project the new direction administration in a position that will do more for the people by the people.

GYB’s standard is taking care of citizen’s welfare and not pocketing all alone.

GYB’s standard is by paying worker’s salaries (teachers, LG staff) and not in percentage.

GYB’s standards are making sure projects are completed, social amenities, and infrastructures are provided for the Kogi citizens.

GYB’s standard is by providing potable water, affordable schools, roads, security of lives, and properties.

GYB’s standard is not a “tutuve” administration and growing pot bellies.

GYB’s standard is not a televised or run only on Social Media.

GYB’s projects and New Administration should depicts STANDARD and QUALITY.

If not all of these, it is “rob and shine” or “zero over zero”

El Yaseer Black Bilal

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