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Adams May Be Going To Jail Over Comment Against Sharon Sonia. ~Legal Practitioner


Adams May Be Going To Jail Over Comment Against Sharon Sonia. ~Legal Practitioner

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I am elated that that Adamu is being prosecuted.
For those who might be wondering why he’s now remanded in prison:

Defamation is both tortuous and criminal in nature. Do not live under the mistaken belief that you can defame the person of another and get all boisterous in a civil court. The Law recognises Criminal Defamation, I mean you can be sentenced to serve a jail term for Defamation.

Defamation is categorised to wit: if it is published in a transient, fugitive form, it is called slander. A permanent publication, printed or written, of a false and injurious material against another person, whether it be in painting or picture, effigy, caricature, advertisement, article, news report, talking film or any disparaging object will qualify as libel.

What Adamu did was libellous and in this instance, Criminal Libel to which he will be arraigned, prosecuted, convicted and consequently sentenced.

Circumstances determining Criminal Defamation is uncertain, but the Courts have parameters to determining whether or not a libeller should be criminally prosecuted.

In Adamu’s case, I’m sure the Courts would be inclined to ruling that Adamu is liable for Criminal Defamation. In essence, he’s going to Jail!!

Cc: Hamzat Ibn Muhammed, Facebook.

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