Gov. Yahaya Bello, Kindly Create 500,000 Millionaires In Kogi Before May 29, 2023

Yahaya Bello

Dear Yahaya Bello, the Executive Governor of Kogi state. I write you this open letter with optimism and great expectations.

I watched you with delight as you delivered your address during the official declaration for 2023 presidency at the Eagle Square Abuja on Saturday. However, one issue caught my attention in your speech, your bold announcement that 20m Nigerians will become millionaires by 2023 under your presidency.

There is a popular saying that charity begins at home, so I am humbly appealing to Your Excellency to set machinery in motion to start creating millionaires from Kogi before the anticipated upgrade in 2023.

Sir, it is not too late to start. Between now and your expected inauguration as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on May 29, 2023, kindly create just 500,000 millionaires in Kogi state. This is just 0.4 percent of your national target.

I am not unmindful of your assertion in August 2018 that “agricultural policies in the state are creating a new circle of millionaires”. You made this assertion in Lokoja during an interactive session with a group of young entrepreneurs in the state who came visiting Your Excellency. You alluded to the Omi Dam Agricultural Project and the Osara Green House as major ‘generators’ of these new millionaires. Sir, I am sure you know the current state of these two projects. No need to wash our dirty linens outside.

During your inauguration for a second term in office, you promised to leverage on agriculture and ICTs to create millionaires among youths in Kogi state. Baba, we are still waiting for the manifestation of this gigantic promise.

Your Excellency, we will all be proud if a Kogi indigene emerge President of Nigeria in 2023. This will be a major win for the state and the benefits will be immense. Notwithstanding, we appeal that your charity should begin at home through deliberate efforts to create 500,000 millionaires in Kogi state. This will have ripple effect on your aspiration. One, it will convince Nigerians to support you and it will translate into a bankable and untouchable 500,000 votes for you during the presidential polls.

My warmest regards.

– Adamu Ojonugwa

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