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Ebira Language

75 Simple & Common Words in Ebira Language and Their English Translation


75 Simple & Common Words in Ebira Language and Their English Translation

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75 Simple & Common Words in Ebira Language and Their English Translation
Enya Ohu Ane’ebira

Subsequent to our previous post on 50 Animals in Ebira Language and Their English Translation, we bring to you again some of the simple & common words in Ebira language and their English translation.

At Ebira Online Media, we build and create Ebira ideas; to help people who are not familiar with some of the pronunciations in Ebira language, and also those abroad who would love to learn their language(Ebira).

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We also put in much effort in educating and encouraging the young ones not to forget their home/Language, the history and culture of Ebira land.

Do you know that some people grew up in Ebira Land (indigene) and yet, they can’t speak the language correctly? I no you are surprised to hear that but it’s the bitter truth.

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There are tons of Ebira blood out there who can’t even boost of speaking their dialect correctly and accurately. Anyway, let’s get down to the main purpose of this article, keep following.

Listed below are some 75 Simple & Common Words in Ebira Language and Their English Translation

Simple Words in Ebira LanguageEnglish Translation
1. Iraje, Ayi’ohine.Joy
2. AyohineHappy
3. IrahuNight
4. IrepaSnail
5. agaChair
6. oyì-dòwuBelieve
7. araSleep
8. èngwòzìSick
9. bereAlso
10. úmèTime
11. angwe, angwe ovivi, ororoOil, Red oil, Groundnut oil
12. àwèFasting
13. Eku’oizaHeaven
14. àngwàhìFear
15. ùdìvìWicked
16. Irenyi, ojenwunyeDifferent
17. vìdìvèBefore
18. iresu okatengwu, oyi rureStubborn
19. àrìjànàHeaven
20. ÉzééDance
21. ÒshàyìtùInterest
22. oojiri/ogeCorrect
23. kusa’inareHarvest
24. Oporima/irecheLie
25. anakanyi mi(or eyi)Concern
26. òyìvòròStraight
27. òvàvìrèmaAfter
28. èhèEarth
29. ènìniThem
30. àhèSong
31. irehiHouse
32. ùkùDisease
33. oóhuMarket
34. uveneMat
35. òkàtengwuHard
36. àjèEgg
37. oóhiBroom
38. otovaTobacco
39. iraLight
40. IzeyizaTruth
41. adokitaDoctor
42. Ewu, plural: EwuniniYou
43. ishiviSpoon
44. uyeMeat
45. akoCup
46. èhùrèhìSurprise
47. echukuBone
48. ùvèchìStrong
49. EkehiMoney
50. ìsàjúMinute
51. ààmaáBut
52. èngwòròPeace
53. EyyiWe/Us
54. EsseThose
55. Eku’iraHell
56. Oyishenwu dorPatient
57. Aguvika, Aguvavo, uvavoBecause
58. Esse, Esseni, EneniThese
59. Amekwo ana, or Amekwo ehhuWhile
60. Ònooni/OsooniThis
61. òònòThat
62. HèyìyèNo
63. Izeni/IzenaniHere
64. Izoso/IzooThere
65. ìzòviWhere
66. OniriAnd
67. Sonovi/sovi?What
68. èvàbèUnity
69. ìhìovìWhen
70. ònìnìHoly
71. òyìkòsèLearn
72. àrìròThinking
73. ugamaPraise
74. èdòwùFaith
75. Ukoro-ochengwu.Labour
75 Simple Words in Ebira Language and Their English Translation

Let me also shock you reading this post right now, I can tell you for free that you can’t make a complete sentence in Ebira dialect without mixing it up; if not, prove me wrong by making a correct sentence with the listed above words in Ebira language without making a mistake. Ooppps! I got you right? Lolx….

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